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The View

Lloyd's List's weekly view on the big issues impacting and shaping shipping, providing timely insight and thought-provoking opinion

Can shipping be relied upon?

There is a growing realisation in shipping that nebulous net zero pledges are starting to require action and investment, and will be harder to achieve than first thought. The divide between those who can and can’t be relied upon is widening

Lloyd List - The View Sustainability

What is green about methanol?

Maersk is to be applauded for its ambition. But for mass adoption of methanol fuel to make environmental sense, the molecule shipping uses must be truly green — and there is plenty to suggest it won’t be

Lloyd List - The View Sustainability

Nothing is perfect. Certainly not alternative fuels

For those seeking guidance on what to do next, the MEPC80 targets may have been too weak a signal

Lloyd List - The View Sustainability

What now for the dark fleet?

The dark fleet may be coming out of the shadows, but the cloud it casts over the rest of the industry is not going anywhere

Lloyd List - The View Sanctions

What if Panama Canal droughts are the new normal?

Until now, shipping has always found a workaround to restrictions on using this key waterway. But it won’t be able to do so indefinitely

Lloyd List - The View Panama

Ukraine should not fight a just war with unjust tactics

The embattled country has the moral high ground in its fight with Russia. By declaring commercial shipping a valid military target, it abdicates a portion of it

Lloyd List - The View Ukraine crisis

Fires: Now a burning issue

EVs have gone way beyond ‘first kid on the block with a Tesla’ bragging rights and production volumes will increase exponentially. We need to be sure ships can carry them safely

Lloyd List - The View Casualty

Russia’s naval blockade of Ukraine: Illegal, immoral, inept

Blowing up neutral shipping is in nobody’s best interest. Not even Moscow’s

Lloyd List - The View Russian Federation

To err is human. But that’s no excuse for shutting down the Suez Canal

If the industry is to have confidence in the Suez Canal Authority’s pilotage service, extensive retraining and assessment of English proficiency may be required

Panama Egypt

Shipping’s climate compromise keeps 1.5°C alive, for now

The IMO’s loosely worded climate targets fall short of keeping shipping aligned with the 1.5°C Paris Agreement temperature goal, but they are closer than most expected and keep alive the prospect of global technical and economic measures to come that could yet radically reduce the industry’s carbon output

Environment Lloyd List - The View

The IMO must show leadership on carbon emissions or face irrelevance

If China gets its way, fragmented regionalism will replace the United Nations specialist agency as the rule maker. That is not good for world trade and not good for shipping, either

International Sustainability

If Greta Thunberg doesn’t shame you, Legal & General Investment Management will

Even if you’re as tired of environmental stuff as Tor Olav Trøim, you’ll soon find out that the more polluting you are, the more it is going to cost you to borrow

Lloyd List - The View Sustainability

US west coast labour talks: There must be a better way

Carriers will welcome the six-year settlement between port employers and dock worker representatives announced this week. But it’s time to move on from ritualised confrontations twice in every decade

Lloyd List - The View Containers

Decarbonisation is shipping’s D-Day

Former US presidential contender John Kerry used a speech at Nor-Shipping to compare the industry’s fuel transition to the Allied invasion of Normandy. When a decorated Vietnam veteran uses military metaphors, pay attention

Sustainability Environment

It’s not yet time for Plan B on Russia shipping sanctions

Our industry is providing a second front without the shooting. Let the vice tighten slowly but surely

Sanctions Political Risk and Trade

A Flag of Convenience is one thing. A Flag of Last Resort is another

Sanctions are only going to get more extensive. The past week shows that everybody in the industry — from Ulaanbaatar to the outskirts of Bristol — would benefit from greater situation awareness

Sanctions Lloyd List - The View

The View: Combatting climate change needs passion, not statistics

The climate change activists were not parading around Dubai’s convention centre calling shipping to account: There was no point. Shipping has lost the radical edge that challenges, confronts and contests

Lloyd List - The View Sustainability

Shipping is a target again just for doing its job

When 53 seafarers can be taken hostage in the space of a week and it barely causes a ripple in the international news, it is time for the shipping industry to address why it all too often seen as an ‘easy’ target

Sanctions Lloyd List - The View

Banks learnt sanctions diligence the hard way. Shipowners don’t have to

Sanctions efforts have so far been unrolled more by way of moral suasion and threatened consequences rather than active enforcement. But that is likely to change shortly

Sanctions Lloyd List - The View

The Wimbledon effect should see London still dominate maritime legal market

As long as shipping disputes are by default resolved under English law in English courts, domestic firms have an obvious head start

Lloyd List - The View Law

Dark fleet: Out of mind, but not out of sight

Hundreds of substandard, unclassed, uninsured vessels are routinely hauling Russian oil internationally while avoiding any serious oversight, so why are governments looking the other way and pretending the dark fleet is invisible?

Sanctions Lloyd List - The View

It is still possible for the IMO to translate climate aspiration into action

Shipping’s climate negotiations are a high stakes game of poker, where governments will be looking to make deals in exchange for compromises. It makes little strategic sense to show your hand this early in the game, but real progress can be achieved in the next three months

Sustainability Lloyd List - The View

Compliance with the law is not optional. Even for P&O Ferries

UK minimum wage will be extended to seafarers, while Labour is committing to a ‘Seafarers’ Charter’. Neither would have happened without the P&O Ferries’ shocking actions

Lloyd List - The View Roro

The health of the oceans is shipping’s problem too

An industry that routinely allowed garbage to be dumped overboard until just 10 years ago needs to get with the programme

International Sustainability

Container shipping faces change while the song remains the same

The pandemic was neatly bookended by TPM conferences in 2020 and 2023. The new set of challenges faced by container shipping, however, have a familiar ring

International Containers

Do the legal trade with Russia. But stay the right side of the line

It is pointless admonishing owners to act like conscience-stricken peaceniks. Where there is a legal buck to be made, somebody will make it. But the mark is overstepped by breaking sanctions, or facilitating others to do so

Lloyd List - The View Sanctions

Shipping and Ukraine: Repercussions of a crisis

Next week sees the first anniversary of the Russian invasion. There should be no second anniversary

International Russian Federation

Citibank has 30,000 compliance professionals. How many has your shipping company got?

The Russian price cap could easily see some shipowners who try to stay just within the rules find themselves just outside them

International Tankers and Gas

EU sanctions have yet to sever Russia’s sinews of war

It will be some time yet before we can know the consequences for certain. Whatever they are, there is little alternative to living with them

EU Russian Federation

An urgent appeal to the shipping community: Help the UN avert catastrophe in Yemen

War-torn Yemen could soon face environmental degradation of a degree as large as any witnessed in recent decades. Shipping will not be to blame. But collective intervention from shipping is the last best hope of preventing it

Yemen Sustainability

Cargill deserves first-mover advantage from methanol-fuelled bulker gambit

The transition to net zero needs the emergence of a Field of Dreams’ factor. If you build methanol-bunkering terminals, will they come?

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